Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A little more information

The Prarie River regulations are not about caatch and release. They are about creating a section of the river where more, and larger trout can be caught and kept. This apparently offends some people. The idea of catching more, and larger trout. There are some statistics that it might be working:

It takes a while to grow large wild trout in northern streams. IT appears that the regulations are having a fairly dramatic effect in this one 5 mile stretch on a 42 mile trout stream.

I could, of course, understand that there is a problem with this, if there was no where else to fish for trout without using artificial lures and flies. The map below is the immediate area around the regulated water. The regulated water is depicted in red. Bait can be used in all of the water marked, blue, green and yellow.

It might be worthwhile to go back and read Mr, Aments comments in the column below.The regulation on that five mile stretch is hurting the kids.

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