Saturday, March 8, 2008

$9 Million too much ?

Fish spotted using $9 million fish ladder
Published on Sunday, February 03, 2008
By staff reports

An underwater camera snapped a photo last week of what biologists believe is the first steelhead trout of the year to pass through a fish ladder on the Ventura River.

The first of two fish was spotted swimming upstream on Thursday, through the $9.5 million fish ladder built to allow fish to go around the Robles Diversion, which sends water to Lake Casitas.

Though steelhead and rainbow trout are hard to differentiate, biologists think this was an endangered steelhead that came from the ocean because of its large eye size and its 21-inch length.

"This is exciting news," said Casitas Fisheries Biologist Scott Lewis.

A day later, a 25-inch fish also thought to be a steelhead was seen swimming upstream through the ladder.

After last year's dry weather, when no fish were seen swimming upstream, officials are hoping many more steelhead will swim up from the ocean and into the upper reaches of the Ventura River.


I say think of it this way. Calculating costs in dollars, is so 1999. WE should costs things in a new metric, lets use the IrawqMonth as the new monetary standard. At $12 Billion a month in Iraq, this fish ladder built for an extinct run of fish, is less that 1/1000 of an IrawqMonth. Not so bad.

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