Friday, August 31, 2007

Camp pack up and clean up

9:11 - breakfasted, Alum boat is unloaded, contents in the woodshed, and moved on to ground. Kid clothes are sorted and packing beginning. Book sorting and packing.
3:09 - Trip to Gwinn, laundry,
lunch, grocery shopping for Dinner guests, folding packing and putting away laundry, organize car, repack wood rack in the house, start packing car top, add salt to waterboss, bag returnables for long time shed storage, start organizing kid stuff, missing book still missing, start vacuuming, sweepeing and clean kitchen.
5:59 - Kids are packed, Fishing stuff is packed, Kitchen sans fridge is clean, camp vacuumed and dinner preparation is under way. Re-org and pack the photon torpedo.
11:07 - Emily and Matt joined us for dinner, BBQ chicken, rice, corn on the cob, peas and bread. We had a bonfire. Gryff got to be good friends with their dog Noah- a bull mastiff. Made s'mores. departure activities have been put on hold until tomorrow am. Probably will not be getting an early start on the car trip at this point.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Brook trout like sculpins, too ...

Sculpin fly and Brown Trout

Kris and Mike Kettu stopped by the cabin yesterday afternoon. Mike and I headed off to Skeleton falls on the lower Escy. I got three browns with the sculpin fly above, while Kris and the kids had a good visit.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A weeks worth of rock climbing

Today's Guest Blogger: Jonah

Here I am at Presque Isle. We rode our bikes here and climbed rocks. We went about a week ago. I really liked it because I really like rock climbing.

We walked to the stop sign and climbed up to wolf point hill. It is on the road from Shag.

A few days later we went to Mount Sugarloaf. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!! (As I said before I love rock climbing.)


We're at the top, at a pillar.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Full moon rise over Shag Lake | Wizard duel

Subject title says it all ....

Fish Prints : Prints

Leah #1
Leah #2
Jonah #1
Jonah #2

Fish & Fish Art

The fish hunters headed out onto Big Shag lake yesterday.

We had some success acquiring subjects for artwork and consumption.
We used the hand ground ink, Japanese brushes and rice paper. Ink was applied.

Paper applied.

Prints were pulled.

Jonah printed his fish, too.

Jonah printed three colors of fish on top of each other. Leah made a print with different colors of fish making a school.

After that the fish were filetted.

And eaten for a late afternoon snack.

Monday, August 27, 2007

One nation under dog

Special guest blog by Leah Wallach

It may seem that this is just a normal puppy sleeping on a deck- but if only you knew the truth.
Here he is gnawing on the carcass of one of his victims. It is an already-dead, maggot-infested walleye that washed up on shore. We smelled it long before we saw it. And him.
Here he is on his Royal Chaise Lounge. Imitating Uncle Mike.
Here Gryffindor is using his supersonic alien speed to befuddle his humans.
He is exhausted in this picture, and we were able to see past his trickery. However, the truth was yet to come.

This picture says it all. This is his true identity. Look in his eyes. Griff is really an alien from the planet Zorgon. He is here to collect puppy treats for warship fuel, so he can take over the universe. He has four main weapons: Cuteness Ray, mind control, CDH (Curious Dog Head), and the Jaws of Death.
Beware the Puppy!!!!!
Special guest blog by Leah Wallach

Sunday, August 26, 2007

our evening trout fishing

The trout hunters are geared up and ready for action
You - Human - where are my treats ?

Walking down river

Leah working the long rod ( bamboo with a worm )

The big bear enjoying being out in the river in his waders.

Climbing out - and back up to car - No Trout tonight but a good time walking the river.

off to little camp

Crayfish hunting

A crayfish in the hand
A crayfish released

The view of the two hunters from down below.

Backdate post 1 - SGMT

Matt Taylor visited us - Thursday Night, to Saturday Morning.

These pics are all from Friday afternoon swim.

sunday morning

jonah, leah, & taylor are in the water @ prices.

To my dear three readers, back dated updates to occur today.