Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Cubs tied for 1st

Off to our dugout seats tomorrow.
Cubs tied for first.
Who'da thunk it ?

No need to watch it on the teli - we will live blog from the game.

This is pretty exciting. We won these at auction at a fundraiser for Edison School. 4 Dugout seats. I mean... really.

On Aug 1, 2007, at 2:57 PM, Morales, Jaime wrote:

Your tickets for Thursday's game will be at XXX XXXX XX. Mark told me to leave them under the name XXXX XXXXX. Is this correct? Window XXXX is located at the corner of Clark and Addison.

As you know, Thursday, August 2 is Build A Bear Day at Wrigley Field. The promotion is for the first 6000 children, 14 and under. People will be lined up well before the gates open to ensure that they get the bear. You DO NOT need to do the same. If, after you pick up your tickets, you are unable to get a bear at the gate, please contact me on Monday, August 6, and I will mail them out to you.

In addition to this, we will be providing you with a photo of the Wrigley Field Marquee with the game date. Please tell me what you would like put up there. i.e. The Johnson Family, or John Doe and Mary Sue. I will be sending the photo out sometime next week. Normally, I like to do it ahead of time, but the printer that prints our 8 x 10 photo has been in need of repair.

Lastly, please pay attention to the Message Board under the center field Score Board during the middle of the 5th inning. We will put a CUBS WELCOME message to your group. Once again, what would you like put up there?

If you could, please reply as soon as possible with what you would like put on the Marquee Photo and Scoreboard Message.

Jaime Morales
Chicago Cubs


  1. What Message will you put up on the scoreboard? Impeach Bush?

  2. I asked to have, but the Mr. Morales says the message should say something like " The Cubs welcome the Wallach Family"

    Just another case of the right wing msm stifling the voice of liberal america.