Sunday, August 26, 2007

our evening trout fishing

The trout hunters are geared up and ready for action
You - Human - where are my treats ?

Walking down river

Leah working the long rod ( bamboo with a worm )

The big bear enjoying being out in the river in his waders.

Climbing out - and back up to car - No Trout tonight but a good time walking the river.


  1. looks like fun! Sorry to see that the "Luck of the Carlsons" has spread even to the wallach's fishing areas. I'm getting used to not cleaning any fish... how about you? Who were your visitors last weekend? looked like a good time.
    P.s. Dad continues to wait for power to be restored. Out since Thursday, but able to keep up with the outside world - staying with us Carlsons since Friday. Zelda's dedication was Sunday- her kids sent greetings and love to all.

  2. Where did you get those cute waders?
    You guys are the best looking bunch of fisher
    people I have ever seen.
    One of you looks a lot like a dog.
    That looks like fun!

  3. I'm with Jonah. The fun part is walking in the river! Carrying a pole and throwing flies into trees is just a big waste of time.