Friday, May 1, 2009

Morchella Angusticeps - May 1

A field report from Delta County - U.P. filed yesterday :


Found 2 nice black morels, morchella angusticeps, at Farm and one small one at Devil's Creek. Probably walked 8 miles and drove 80 mi for 3 mushrooms.

The woods are filled with hepaticas, a few blooming trout lilies, and bloodroot. Found one devil's urn. No other fungi. At Devil's creek the wild leeks are about 1/2 of their mature size. As usual, they are profuse.

Wild strawberries are just leafing. No sign of trillium or orchis. Apple trees are just beginning to bud. Daffodils at Farm are in full bloom in the sunny areas and just beginning in the woods along with scylla and a few crocus along the pond. Saw a beautiful 16 in garter snake and 6 painted turtles on a log at Long Lake and 6 or 8 wood ducks. There were sandhill cranes making alot of noise but I didn't see them.

Oddly, only one wood tick.


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