Saturday, May 30, 2009

Boys weekend in the UP

Took a couple day's extra on a short week and went north to the UP.
This is my regular annual trip to our cabin, where me and my boy meet up with my dad, and brother.

On the way up we stopped at a well loved and memory filled but now vacant farm.

We found morels.

Our morel guide, my cousin, came through big time.

Once at the lake - the BLUEG harvest was on.

Some Big Lake rocks and rock climbing.

This is the boy casting a dry fly upstream to rising trout. Don't know where he picked that habit up from, obviously not inherited.

I netted the one keeper of the dozen or so he hooked.

He ate it.

He also ate the Morels.

These are morel stuffed thai dumplings with plum sauce and my cousin's home brew.

I got out for one evening on the stream fro a couple of hours.
Fished with this fly.

With all of the brown line blog talk I should feel good about catching nothing but these, but, the experience left me hollow.

A flowering Dogwood on the great cyr swamp plain.

This pic speaks for itself.

Last night at camp bonfire.

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  1. Nice pics. How did you prepare that sucker? Fried in butter with the fresh morels? Or did you plank it on the grill?

    Even though it was designed for another species, I find that pureed sucker in the Bass-o-Matic makes a refreshing and nutritious morning shake. Starts the day off right.