Thursday, April 3, 2008

Quality Trout Regs in Wisconsin Attacked

It would be nice if this letter to the editor to end special regulations was just written by a some one who doesn't know better. Roger Kerr is a "retired" WDNR ex-fisheries manager. He has been running a campaign to overturn the enlightened fishing regulations in Wisconsin for 8 years. The people in south west Wisconsin ignored his attempts to turn back the clock on stream management, but he has found a receptive audience in the people trying to get rid of the quality trout water regulations on five files of the forty two miles of trout water on the Prairie River. There is no science or conservation ethic at work here. Just a simple and wrong minded appeal to go back to the days of put and take fisheries, as if it was some how a better and healthier and more enlightened system. It is not. The fact that there was a successful vote to overturn the regulations on the Prairie was the first step in what will be a determined effort to turn back the current age of sophisticated and enlightened Trout fisheries practice in Wisconsin. On April 14th there will be an advisory vote to put the regulations back on the table as as issue for the conservation congress. All in attendence can vote. These are locations to go and vote.

from the April 2 Antigo Daily Journal

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  1. You should write a letter to the ED. rebuttal for the same paper.