Tuesday, April 8, 2008

6 days to the Vote: Your Daily Countdown # 6

Until April 14 HDW-MOBILE will be posting a reason a day to vote to maintain quality trout fishing regulations on the Prairie at the Spring Wisconsin Conservation Congress hearings. Vote yes on queation 36.

REASON # 6 ( 2 parts to this one )

Why is this question back on the agenda this year? Last year’s question to change 5 miles of the Prairie from category 5 to category 4 was presented for a vote with some important information missing.

• What is the missing information?
DNR fisheries personnel had conducted fish population surveys on the Prairie that showed the number of brook trout greater than 10 inches increased by 115% and the number of brook trout greater than 12” increased by 200% in the category 5 water. That biological information was completely missing from last year’s question, which was presented only as a “social” question.

Remember anyone that shows up the vote - CAN vote...


Informational Links on this Issue



http://www.wisconsintu.org/news/2008-1p1-8.pdf (Article Page 3)


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