Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year thoughts from Sir Thomas Best

On this New Years eve, let's take a moment to reflect on the wisdom of the past, poetical musings on the art of fly tying, and a hundred and ninety three year old message about the fly fishing pastime, from Sir Thomas Best, and from his tome;
"Best's Art of Angling" the 1814 edition.
Enjoy ...

page 93 & 94:

"As I am now acting the part of Physician, let me advise you, whenever you are out in the heat of summer, fishing, and are thirsty, never to drink water, as the consequences may prove fatal; but, either take a little brandy or rum out with you, in a wicker bottle, or wait till you to come to some house where you can have a little : the effects it has of quenching the thirst, and cooling the body , are instantaneous"

Every Man his own Fly Maker

And lastly this introductory message from 19 decades ago...

"The art of artificial fly-fishing certainly has the pre-eminence over the other various methods that are used to take fishes in the art of angling. It requires a great deal of ingenuity and attention, and the variety which attends it, makes it both pleasant and agreeable. The angler is not confined to any particular part of the water in fly fishing but roves from one place to another, trying his fortune, by throwing his flies in to the different eddies, and the most likely places he meets with, to make a captive of the speckled trout; enjoying at the same time the harmonious warblings of the numerous songsters of the groves; beholding the diversity of the prospects around him, and gaining the health and serenity of mind, not to be purchased by all of the riches in the universe."


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