Sunday, December 23, 2007

Global warming, upper midwest trout


"The 68th Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference was held in Madison last week, drawing more than 1,200 fish and wildlife professionals from Midwestern states to hear reports on recent research and management experiences........

John Lyons, fishery researcher with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, said that a predicted one-to five-degree Celsius increase in summer air and water temperatures could have the affect of increasing the number of warmwater streams, thus reducing the number of streams capable of supporting trout populations.

Matt Mitro, of the DNR, said that Wisconsin currently has 44,000 river miles of which 10,371 miles are trout streams.

Mitro predicted that a 5-degree increase in temperatures could result in the loss of all brook trout streams in the state, and a decrease in 96 percent of the brown trout streams."

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