Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fishing Report - all 2006

Part 2, continued from last post.

Didn't fish in July - was Out of the Country on work.

June 19, 20

sw wisc

will finish June, April, and then the early season tomorrow.

May 29 to June 5

My annual trip to the Cabin with my Dad. I fished every day and got skunked more often than not. Did see some nice flowers and bugs.

By now you get the idea.

I fish in the UP and Wisconsin. Don't even cross the bridge to that other Michigan.

May 16 & 17

Fished NE WIsc

Got no fish.

Found alot of these tho

Which I cooked like this:

and put in this:

And now, forward to the past....

Early season in SW WIS next

April 30, 31

More sw wis - my last trip of the early season ...

April 8 and 9

Spent a day and half on Andelle ad Iton in Normandy.
Beautiful water, but expensive and caught no trout.
Took these pics though.

and now - tp continue moving back in time ...

March 18 19

fished four counties in the driftless

March 11

a crazed back in forth one day trip that barely put me on the stream longer than I was in the car...
The fish below is the one rising in the tail of this pool.

came on 20 midge pupa

and thenthe first outing of 2006 -
Opening of the early season in WI

March 3 - 4

OK - there it is.

my all 2006 TR in two posts.

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