Monday, November 5, 2007

Fishing Report - all 2006

Sure, this is historical in nature.

But, seems like a good place for a permanent location for an all year trout report.

Starting at the end - with September.

September 30
My last day of the inland season from the central U.P.
That bow was also the biggest fish I got all year.

September 28
Same river about 60 miles upstream

September 19
Southwest Wisconsin

August 25 - 28

UP rocks from the south shore of the big lake

and some fish from there

Aug 11-12

more SW Wisc

These belong in August, but are not trout, so are off topic, but here they are anyway .. ..

August 24

UP Cepes - the king bolete

About 5 lbs of these came up in the front yard at the cabin

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