Monday, June 11, 2007

The Xian Daily from May 24 2007

HDW-MOBILE. What's it mean? Well, I can do more here than just send pictures from my Treo650. I do travel a bit. Above is an image - a full page scan of a newspaper from Xi'an. It is the front page of one of the largest daily papers there. Cultural heritage is not a small think there, it is a big thing. We we're doing the culminating conference of a large project, of which, this is an image and article about our work there. You'll have to learn Chinese is you want to read the article.

The image is in a flash zoom viewer. You can put the zoom and toolbar away by clicking on the gray edge of the windows. Otherwise clicking in the window allows you to zoom in on the page scan.


  1. Well. this is way cool. How do I get this viewer on my blog?

    Oh - nice article too. Front Page News!

  2. so send a pic I'll send you the code. it should be sufficiently high res...