Saturday, June 23, 2007

1999 miles

One week on the road, and at the top of the clark fork overlook, on the Nez Perce hiway, 8,800 ft of elevation, no cel or internet for four days, and 1999 miles on the trip odo.


  1. Oh! Rachel did go on this trip. I was beginning to wonder (no pics till now). Glad you are back in cell/net range. We were getting worried.

    Everybody looks like they are having a go... well... um... everyone looks like they have been on the road for nine days. I am sure it was just an off moment.

  2. yes I noticed you were off line- called the lodge to make sure you got there ok.

    thanks for checking in , even if it is only the gas stations along the way.

    hope you guys are having a wonderful trip, everyone looks exhausted.