Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Fish - more of everything else ....

From Today's NYTIMEs:

On a Hunt for Fishless Lakes, Teeming With Life
Published: April 28, 2009

Far from barren, biologists say fishless lakes are hubs of biodiversity. Lacking piscine predators, they are home to a greater abundance and variety of invertebrates than lakes with fish, and provide breeding grounds for frogs, salamanders and waterfowl. But as fish are moved around — legally by fisheries agencies, illegally by anglers and bait growers — fishless lakes are becoming increasingly rare.

Rugged and sparsely populated, the Maine woods have some of the last fishless lakes in the Northeast. Some, like this one, are kettle lakes without inlets or outlets, excavated in the eastern Maine lowlands by melting blocks of glacial ice. Others are clear tarns in high mountains, with outlets too steep for fish to ascend. Still others are simply too acidic for fish. All probably have been fishless since the glaciers receded.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TR| last sunday APR19

We somehow drove through rain to get to , you know, Greater Iowa, no rain all day, and then drove through rain all the way back, go figure.

Some Landscapes :

Nick_K sneaking up on those trout...

Some Fish:
first one of the day...

second one of the day ..

wherein I lose track ...

One of the better ones, two views...

Some clear clear water

The afternoon dry, a fly I call the Jumjil.
size 18 peacock body, cdc underwing, sparse elk overwing.

Good they are, Jumjils...

some closeups ...

Spring is here, the snakes are out ...

and then Lunch, tragedy averted...

The pull tab came off of the tin of sardines, so the Opinel knife and Austrian de-barbing pliers came into use. Stick chopsticks as utensils, cheese, green onion, and mustard snad, and a couple of Pilsners.

Why did king oscar get rid of the key?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

some "just in time" tying ...

half a dozen goddards and half a doz peacock,cdc,elk hairs.

so what is it I am hoping to see tomorrow ?

mobile posting starting in the wee hours.

Angler Access law signed in Montana

By way of FF in Yellowstone flog

.. Governor Brian Schweitzer signed HB 190 into law. It's a short and simple law. Every fly fisher in Montana should read it and abide by it.

read the rest here

Friday, April 17, 2009

Farm manure spill at headwaters of Kewaunee River

from the Associated Press
10:57 PM CDT, April 16, 2009

LUXEMBURG, Wis. - Authorities say about 100,000 gallons of liquid manure leaked into wetlands at the headwaters of the Kewaunee River, a Lake Michigan tributary, near Luxemburg in Kewaunee County.

The river was stocked last week with a quarter million trout and salmon. Future stocking has been postponed until the full extent of the contamination is known.

Read the whole story.

Monday, April 13, 2009

BW's parachute BWO

My friend BW tied this and sent it to me.

I took its picture.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

4 days in April | Trout reports

A four day fishing trip for the early season. The family went south to Florida. Someone had to stay home and take care of the dog. Figured we would go fishing. The weather looked like it might not be so good.

Saturday - April 04

On Saturday the weatherman was right

2 counties - 2 streams.

One with a very large spring.

The second one had a barb wire fence hanging in the air and a largish black tarp ghost protecting a big trout in a little hole.

Sunday - April 05

On Sunday the weatherman was right

Only 1 stream today, with a big beaver pond with many brook trout in it.

Monday - Apr 06

On Monday, the weatherman was wrong.

Cold, but a high blue bird sky.

A trout ninja

my first fish of the day - it'd been caught at least once before

Can't see it in this pic, but many bwo's on the water

The lunch and lunch time beers in the car park.

many trout on BWO's

Tuesday - Apr 07

The weatherman was wrong again.

Sunny all day - high in the low 50s.

My friend Bruce took me to a stream I had never fished before, these are the boiling springs headwaters.

there were many browns, more were hooked and lost than landed.

This is the first brown trout on fly in 30 years for Bruce. Nice fish.

The route. Spent Sat and Mon night at Bruce and Sue's cabin. Sunday night in the music room at John and Debs. Thanks for the hospitality.