Saturday, April 11, 2009

4 days in April | Trout reports

A four day fishing trip for the early season. The family went south to Florida. Someone had to stay home and take care of the dog. Figured we would go fishing. The weather looked like it might not be so good.

Saturday - April 04

On Saturday the weatherman was right

2 counties - 2 streams.

One with a very large spring.

The second one had a barb wire fence hanging in the air and a largish black tarp ghost protecting a big trout in a little hole.

Sunday - April 05

On Sunday the weatherman was right

Only 1 stream today, with a big beaver pond with many brook trout in it.

Monday - Apr 06

On Monday, the weatherman was wrong.

Cold, but a high blue bird sky.

A trout ninja

my first fish of the day - it'd been caught at least once before

Can't see it in this pic, but many bwo's on the water

The lunch and lunch time beers in the car park.

many trout on BWO's

Tuesday - Apr 07

The weatherman was wrong again.

Sunny all day - high in the low 50s.

My friend Bruce took me to a stream I had never fished before, these are the boiling springs headwaters.

there were many browns, more were hooked and lost than landed.

This is the first brown trout on fly in 30 years for Bruce. Nice fish.

The route. Spent Sat and Mon night at Bruce and Sue's cabin. Sunday night in the music room at John and Debs. Thanks for the hospitality.


  1. Great pics, great fish, great trip, looks like you made the most of your early season trip (although it looked cold!). Thanks for sharing.

  2. that stream with that deep run and crystal clear water looks awesome. Awesome pictures.

  3. Brandon - Big Hoss,

    Thanks for the kind words.