Saturday, July 25, 2009

Seeing Spots

So I packed up the car last Friday night on a bit of an spur of the minute escape. Got everything packed, a little food, tent, fly rods, six pack of beer, and almost packed everything, except I left some of my fly boxes. In fact, all I ended up with were softhackles and streamers. July 18, 19, 2009.

Since I had no dries I just fished right through that coral dun hatch with softhackles. I think every rising fish I saw took the softhackle.

The last fish picture was a trout of about 15 inches. I was fishing in a car sized hole, a bit of a rock ledged drop around it with a nice riffle pouring in. The bottom was filled in with a beaver willow cache. I had already taken about half a dozen smaller fish off the surface with a Soft Hackle on the return & saw a bigger trout strike at one on the retrieve. So I put an enormous streamer on - one that came from an unknown streamer swap, conehead with eyes, and large green articulated rabbit body, about 3 or 4 inches long. Soaked it, cast it in and on the strip had a log like trout hit it take it down into the brush pile and get off. Next cast in, a smaller fish - a brook trout hit is , larger than the one pictured jumped and flipped the fly. Third cast the pictured fish took it an I landed him. This was all in a spring creek hole about the size of me car, with a riffle pouring in.

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