Monday, September 22, 2008

so totally not your fly fish zen ...

Once it seemed, the NYTIMES had good outdoor writers. Now they print this trash.

"Unlike Matt and Arma, who had been fishing most of their lives, I was a rank novice with a decidedly ambivalent attitude. My sole previous experience consisted of a two-day course in freshwater fly fishing at an exclusive upstate resort that had left my head swimming with indigestible biological minutiae and my sought-after quarry swimming unscathed in their natural habitat."

I don't really care if this guy doesn't like fishing. But how about printing something by someone who "likes, uh, can write". I mean... "serendipitous" ? WTF ?

Published: September 20, 2008
If I happen to die a happy man, it will be in no small part because of the serendipitous seafaring expedition I took with Arma and Matt on the afternoon of our feast at the American Hotel.

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