Friday, August 15, 2008

Lightning and Angling

Two weeks ago, from 35,000 feet over the Sea of Japan, I got lucky and snapped this view from the opposite side of a big cloud. Some half remembered W.S Burroughs quote popped into my mind about images flickering in a dying mans brain like lightning in a distant thunderstorm at night.

And today - in the Field and Stream Flytalk blog:

A fly rod exploded by lightning.

"Have you ever been in the river, or out on the flats, and those clouds roll in... then the hair on your arms stands up... then your rod starts to hum? That's a pretty good sign that you might want to drop the rod. This is what it looks like when a fly rod gets zapped."

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  1. nasty. nice blog you got here. interested in swapping links?

  2. your linked...

    of course i would never fish for capr myself. hell. I don't fish for bass.