Friday, May 30, 2008

Bluegs and troots

Memday trip to the cabin.

From last weekend - the boys trip to the U.P.

Yes - its a late recap post from last weekend.
But at least its being posted in the same month.

The seven year old is convinced he knows how to fly cast like a pro and can catch as many bluegs as he wants to prove it to me.

The 85 yr old man stayed at the lake cabin, l to r, the nephew, the dried out husk of his former shell recovering from calihanoichicagoU.P. jetlag, the seven year old, and the bro on the way down to the trout stream

Flinging that spinner on the family bit of the escy river

I can catch troots too...

Tuesday morning hard frost on the dock, after snow monday night

barefootin in the frost

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