Saturday, September 8, 2007

The alternate vacation reality

We did do a TV vacation while at the Lake, but we did not do a Nintendo DS vacation. We went fishing in the lake, in the river, and in Pokemon diamond.

This is Jonah showing his technique catching a Finneon. Apparently they are a very rare and powerful pokemon.

The video below is Leah battling the eighth gym leader Volkner. A good part of the vacation's pokemon time was spent trying to figure out how to get to the eighth gym leader's gym, and then there was the battle of course. Duly recorded below.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

At least we know now

"Their DNA analysis sprang a nasty surprise: many of the donor populations for the breeding program were actually the closely related Colorado cutthroat trout O. c. pleuriticus. Within it’s native range, the greenback cutthroat trout is currently at a greater risk of extinction than ever before. At least we know now…"

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Menu recounted

Blog style, that is last first, and first last ...
a general recounting of meals prepared over the duration of our stay.

The last Friday Night:

We entertain Emily and Matt, Matt's first meal at Shag, with BBQ Chicken, corn, peas, tomatoes, rice, and Larry's Italian french bread for our shabbos loaf. Noah the bull mastiff and Gryf the britany pup met and made great friends. We used two scented tea candles for our Friday night prayers.

Thursday night:
We return from Little Camp with two freshly caught 10 inch brook trout. It is essential that young brains occasionally get the special nutrients only available from brook trout caught and cooked within hours of being in the stream. The rest are some whitefish filets in the pan with the trout hoping to gain a little nobility by sharing the same grease.

Wednesday night:

Beef summer vegetable soup with Kris and Mike. This was the second of two soup pots we had that we ate on for several days.

Tuesday Afternoon

Bluegill filets from the lake

Sunday Night:

An Italian thing, pasta with marinara/or sausage and peppers if you prefered and the last of the orange home grown tomatoes from Chicago.

Friday night dinner with Matt Taylor:

Grilled leg of lamb. potatoes, salad, peas, rice pilaf, very nice bread from Chicago for our Shabbos loaf, and a couple of kinds of oh so delicious stinky cheese all provided by our purveyor up for a short trip to the U.P.

An atypical lunch:

usually it was nutella/banana snadwiches or hot dogs, but this was the alternative lunch, pasta or pasty, up to you to pick the last vowel, with tomatoes and cucumbers.

Our first soup pot:

Roast chicken and corn chowder

And Sunday Night - our first full day

Roasted whole chicken on the grill, potates roties, mashed potatoes, corn and home grown tomato salad from Leroy Avenue.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Safely home

title says it all ...

About to Leave

9:54 - about 20 minutes away from leaving. Will have some final updates, pictures and wrap up to what has been a really great two weeks.